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House Olives  (V) - 4                                                                                                 Olives, Cold Pressed bergamot,  Toasted sage

Pork Scratchings - 4                                                                                                    Salt & Pepper Spice, Aniseed & Toasted Fennel

Home Baked Bread (V) - 4                                                                                   Pressed Pomegranate, Persian Rose & Candied date molasses

Stuffed Medjool Dates (N)  -  5                                                                             Ground Walnut, pistachio & almond frangipane,  Tahini & Orange blossom   

Crispy Soft - Shell Mud Crab  (SF) – 8                                                             Burnt ginger, Lemongrass ,Kaffir lime leaf, Aleppo Pepper, Toasted Crushed Peanut, Seaweed 

Scampi  (SF) –  6

Lightly dusted, Grains of paradise & Liquorice powder,  Bitter orange

Sesame Toast  (SF)    -6                                                                                                      Tiger Prawn & Ground Pork, Oyster, Sesame seed,  Spring Onion,         Sriracha & Sweet Hoisin

Crispy Camembert Fondue  –  6                                                                     Candied Kumquats, Maple Roasted Pecans,  Nibbed Sugared Almonds, Amaretto Syrup   



Seasonal Soup De-Jour  - 6

Served With Oven Baked Bread, Whipped Butter 

Menai Mussels


Sauvignon Blanc                                                                                                     Roasted Garlic, Clotted Cream , lemon Balm   -9/16                                                                                                                                                                                             

Lemongrass Chowder

Menai Mussels, Smashed Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime leaf,     Galangal Root, Toasted Ground Rice, Burnt Garlic Shards, Ripped Thai Basil, Coconut Palm     - 9/16


Trio Of Pork                                                                                                                     Chorizo & Black Pudding Scotch Egg Brambly Apple & Thyme Sausage Roll,Smoked Salt & Pink Peppercorn Crackling   -                                                                                   

Caribbean Tiger Prawn Cocktail   (SF)                                                                       Jerk Powder, Charred Pineapple, Crispy Tiger Prawns,   Crayfish tails, Malibu Syrup, Caviar    - 10                                                  


Copper pot Boiled Egg & Soldiers-                                           

 Hot Pressed Maple Bacon, Crispy Copper pots Hens Egg    , Silky Egg Fondue, Charred Asparagus.     Toasted Butter Hollandaise, Chervil Oil  - 8


Triple Cooked Chips – 4 (V)

Smoked Salt & Sesame Crispy Fries – 4 (V)

Creamy Garlic Dauphinoise – 4 (V)

Pomegranate & Pistachio House Salad – 4 (V)

Seasonal Vegetable Assiette – 4 (V)

Champagne & Caviar Assiette (SF)

Pan Roasted Seabass, King Tiger Prawns, Crayfish,                                           Caviar & Menai Mussels, Champagne Butter Sauce,                                           Dauphinoise Potato, Seasonal Vegetable Assiette – 20                              


Orchestral of Seafood (SF)                                                                                    Roasted Garlic & Lobster Butter,  Pan Seared Salmon & Seabass, Cornish Mackerel, Menai Mussels, Kinmel Bay Cockles,          Crayfish Tails, Black Tiger Tail King Prawns,                                                                                        Seasonal Vegetables Assiette   -24                                                                                                                                                                           

Cornish Lemon Sole                                                                                            Candied Lemon Peel, Lilliput Caper Berries,  Toasted Butter, Seafood Odyssey, Kinmel Bay Cockles,   Crayfish Tails,                                               Pressed Potato Pave & Spring Vegetable Panache - 24                                                                                                                                                                       

Pond life

Spiced, Smoked & Seared Barbury Duck, Served pink,   Marinated in Cassia Bark, Cocca Nibs & Smoked Chipotle Pepper,   Slow Roasted Duck Leg Confit, Green Cardamom & Vanilla Spice, Toasted Coffee Caramel,  Charred Sweet Potato– 20


 Korean Pork

Slow Roasted Suckling Pig, Korean Style, Sweet & Stick, Soy, Whisky, Clove, Tangerine, & sweet Tamarind Molasses,  Kimchi Slaw, Toasted sesame & Gochujang Chilli,  Toasted Fat Rice, Korean BBQ Reduction – 18


 Bala Spring Lamb

Welsh Rack Lamb, French Cut, Served Pink,   Peppercorns & Toasted Pistachio Crumb,   Crispy Lamb Rib &  Pulled Lamb Faggot,  Pressed Celeriac & Garlic Dauphinoise Potato, Spring Greens, Pernod Butter -24

Label Anglais Chicken ( Poulet a la Normande)                                                   Dry Roasted Almonds, Caramelised Apples,                                                   Apple Brandy,  Dijon & Crème Fraiche,                                                                    Fried Cabbage & Bacon, Butter Roasted Sauté Potato –18

Slow Braised Worcestershire Beef Brisket Ragu                                       Simmered in Red Wine, Worcestershire Sauce, Caramelised Shallot, Mushroom Ketchup, Rich Tomato Ragu, Clotted Cream Mash,                 Crispy Onions, Charred Root Vegetables  - 20    


Rockwood Surf & Turf (SF)                                                                                            6oz Fillet Steak, Charred With Aleppo Cracked Pepper,                              Smoked Anglesey Sea Salt, Garlic Roasted, King Tiger Prawns,                            Café De Paris Butter, Peppercorn & Cognac Cream,                                          Triple Cooked Chips, Roasted Portobello Mushroom,                                         Vine Tomato, Rocket & Parmesan Salad – 26      


Slow Braised Bala Lamb                                                                                                    

 Simmered  in Red currant & Rosemary, Bubble & Squeak,                          Spring Vegetables Panache, Mint & Bramley apple,                                                   Crispy Onions-20                         

If You Have A Food Allergy Or Special Dietary Requirement,

Our Food Is Prepared Fresh To Order


Please Inform A Member Of Staff Or Ask For More Information.

(V) - Suitable For Vegetarian

(SF) - Contains Shellfish

(N) - May Contain Nuts